Our assessment tools

As part of the process of analysing each incoming application, our consultants carry out a detailed assessment against the position requirements, across all the aspects likely to be critical for both the applicant and our client. This includes use of the following assessment tools:


CCP - Corporate Culture Profiling

CCP is a tool for assessing a business’s corporate culture, based on models validated by scientific research. A “corporate culture” may be understood as the set of values, myths, rituals, taboos and symbols that are shared by most of an organisation’s staff. It defines how things are done in that particular company, as distinct from all others. A firm’s corporate culture is felt and experienced, but not often identified or put into words. This makes it difficult to identify appropriate criteria for recruiting staff who are compatible with the company’s culture. CCP is used in the recruitment process to determine the extent to which the applicant matches the business’s culture.

Lingua Manager

Assessment of language skills. Lingua Manager complies with European legislation and standards, using the six proficiency levels defined in the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment”, published by the Council of Europe.